The Epilepsy Foundation of Vermont is a non-profit, statewide organization dedicated to the prevention and control of epilepsy and its consequences, and to helping persons with epilepsy, their families, and other concerned individuals overcome the problems and misunderstanding associated with this condition. The Epilepsy Foundation is an affiliate in good standing with the Epilepsy Foundation of America.


To fulfill its mission, and in accordance with the program and organizational principles of operation, the Epilepsy Foundation of Vermont has identified long-term program and organizational/administrative goals.


  • Prevention of epilepsy through the adoption of appropriate measures and practices by the individual, family, and community;
  • Control of epilepsy and its consequences through early recognition and the increased availability and accessibility of comprehensive services and activities.
  • Improvement of programs and resources available to persons with children, their families, and communities.
  • Achievement of maximum independence and self- sufficiency for persons with epilepsy and their families.
  • Achievement of maximum equality for persons with epilepsy.


Development of a strong, enduring and responsive organization representing the interests of persons concerned with epilepsy throughout Vermont.